Saturday, March 22, 2014

How to Avoid Overwriting

One of the main rules in writing is not to overwrite. Overwriting is over explaining what you want to say. It is composed of unnecessary words, sentences and paragraphs. It is like putting too many spices on your sauce. It is over indulging to things that you want to tell.

Omit Unnecessary Words

This is the most significant rule from William Strunk's and E.B White's Elements of Style: omit needless words.

Placing the Apostrophe S on the Right Place

Many bloggers I observe are having troubles where to put the apostrophe 's' in some possessive nouns. I thought perhaps they are just not confident or trying to be safe. But the problem is whatever position they want it in, their last refuge is believed not to be safe at all. What follows are common mistakes bloggers often commit and the right thing to do it:

Friday, March 21, 2014

How to Write the First Sentence of an Essay

Many neophyte writers have a hard time on how to begin their composition. Some end up being frustrated, crumpling pieces of paper of their written work; others just give up and think they might go gardening instead.

Basic Writing Tips for New Writers

People who are not into the field of Literature think that writing requires talent and skills. Basically it does. But writing also requires discipline. Writing involves courage, patience, and enthusiasm to learn, in order to create a good composition. For people who are new to writing and wish to become a good writer, here are some basic writing tips:

Finding an Inspiration to Write

In any endeavor or any pursuit of passion as in writing or blogging, an inspiration can be anything that is already within yourself. You can get this inspiration right from your own dedication and love for your work. But if you still find it hard to get it within yourself, here are some three sources of encouragement that I can advise you:

The Trouble of Web Content in Recent Years

I never was engrossed reading blogs from the Internet until I began blogging. I remember I would only enter an Internet Cafe if there was something that I want to know about. To save time I would print the information and read them at home.