Friday, March 21, 2014

Finding an Inspiration to Write

In any endeavor or any pursuit of passion as in writing or blogging, an inspiration can be anything that is already within yourself. You can get this inspiration right from your own dedication and love for your work. But if you still find it hard to get it within yourself, here are some three sources of encouragement that I can advise you:

A Favorite Piece of Literature

A fiction or a touching essay of a magazine can be a great source of inspiration. When you read something that made you moved or touched, this exact Literature can be a drive for you to write.

If you are really willing to pursue this kind of endeavor, you will get to admire some works of the great authors and imitate their style. Imitate before you can create your own style. As you do this, your own voice or manner in writing will come naturally.

When I say imitate I don't mean to plagiarize. Just follow your favorite author’s style and it won’t be hard for you to begin since you are already inspired to a piece of literature you love to read.

The What-If Ideas

An idea that struck your mind thinking, “What if this and that happens, what could have been the outcome?” For instance you are seeing a little girl sleeping on a pavement with ragged clothes. You’re thinking where the parents could’ve gone and you think what if some scoundrel finds her and takes advantage of her? Or you think what if she was blind, it could have been worse. So the what-ifs idea inspire you to create a story about it.

Don't Think About the Money

This may sound out of topic. But poverty is a human condition that can actually bring you to heights of achievements. Mario Puzo had once said—which I also mentioned from my previous posts—“In everyday life there is such poverty. Writing has such power over it. It shields you against an integrating force.”

Most of the time if you don’t think about money and do something that you love, you can create a masterpiece that you don't expect. It allows you to focus on it because you are not anymore enticed to engage yourself from the material things that money can buy simply because you are creating something. And creating something can let you forget about everything else, since you don’t want to end up producing something that you won’t like.

So whenever you are caught in a writer's block situation, whether you are to create an essay, a short story, an article or a blog post, always remember the tips above.

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