Friday, March 21, 2014

How to Write the First Sentence of an Essay

Many neophyte writers have a hard time on how to begin their composition. Some end up being frustrated, crumpling pieces of paper of their written work; others just give up and think they might go gardening instead.

This is because they don’t know exactly what first sentence to write. If you are one of these beginner writers who desperately want to write, here are some few simple tips to help you how to begin your first sentence.

Attract Your Reader With the First Sentence 

If you have something relevant topic to say figure out what sentence can attract the reader. It is important to choose an interesting sentence that can catch the reader’s eye. This means that if you catch his/her attention, then he/she would want to read the rest of your article.

 Summarize Your Whole Point

First sentence and the rest of the first paragraph is the summary of the point you’re trying to convey. This is also the summary of the whole composition. If you’re talking about an argument about a certain principle or idea, say directly what you are trying to point out from the first sentence or first paragraph briefly. Afterwards, discuss about what you want to express.

 Organize Your Thoughts

Organize your thoughts, and the beginning of that thought is your first sentence. For example, if you’re talking about a certain person, say “John Smith has never been a better employee as he is today.” or “Mr. Ed Cruz has an interesting statement the other day.

He said,”....” From this idea, you can then go further what you want to say about.

 Practice Free Writing

 Free writing is a technique wherein the beginner writer writes whatever comes to his/her mind continuously without having to look back the grammar errors and punctuation.

A writer writes sentences to form a paragraph without thinking about a certain topic. This is one good way how to come up with the first sentence.

By finishing a work from free writing, you can then get an idea from what you have written, and then pick up what you think is the best one to write a topic about. Write that as your first sentence.

 Create a Question

You can make any question that relates to anything that can make you begin writing. Just like an essay exam in your secondary school.

For instance, “If you were given the chance to be the president of the Philippines in one day, what are the things that you will do? or “Do you think that women’s rights should be the same as the men’s with regard to company’s rules and regulations? Why?” These questions can make you create your first sentence, of course.

You can say like, “If I were given the chance to be the president of the Philippines in one day, I will certainly...” That would be your first sentence.

These tips will ultimately help you overcome your struggles on how to start a composition. Just be patient and have courage; rest assured that when you start doing it, the rest will come easily.

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